Quiz Bowl
Regional Rookie Invitational/Open Tournaments

In an effort to promote collegiate quiz bowl efforts in New York state and beyond, a series of tournaments are planned to help build up support.

These tournaments are designed for players with little or no experience at collegiate tournaments; either intramural or interscholastic. 

Institutions with existing quiz bowl clubs/teams are welcome to participate but asked to play freshmen/sophomores or upperclassmen without extensive intercollegiate experience.

The 2019 Schedule

Saturday Nov. 23
Saturday Nov. 23
Saturday Nov. 23
CapRegion QBRRIOT Finger Lakes QBRRIOT Buffalo QBRRIOT
8:30 registration; 9:00 games begin
8:30 registration; 9:00 games begin 8:30 registration; 9:00 games begin
Albany College of Pharmacy RIT
Daemen College
To register, or for more information,
call 585-473-0864  or
e-mail:  nyquizbowl@gmail.com

results available
on-line at www.naqt.com

All tournaments will have the same basic schedule:

Each tournament may have slightly different times given the number of participants but generally speaking, check-in/registration runs between 8:30am and 9:30. 
Games should start between 9:30 and 10am.  Again depending on the number of teams, we expect the tournament to end between 1:00 and 2:00pm. 

During/after registration, there will be a short discussion about how to get Quiz Bowl started at your school, if a given school does not already have a club.

Immediately afterwards the games will begin.  While the exact number is uncertain, we are hoping get everyone at least five or six games.  A tournament with four teams or five teams will play a double round-robin (each team therefore gets six or eight games.  Six or more teams will play a modified round-robin with a five game guarantee.

All the tournaments are open to any attendees.  However, new schools/teams/players are encouraged to attend the closest tournament.

Each team is $45, regardless of the number of team members.  Additional teams beyond the first registrant pay $40.

There are no discounts for buzzers or equipment. However, questions do NOT need to be submitted.

Teams may bring fewer than four; in fact a single person can field a 'team'.   Groups with six or more players are encouraged to field additional teams.

These are not official 'school' teams; that is, school officials do not need to 'sign off' on a group of players who are attending 'representing' a school. 

Games will use NAQT questions and rules including 10-minute halves (the intercollegiate standard).  One small exception:  we are using 'hard' recognition; name.

Download the registration form at this link:   Registration form      

Teams are encouraged to register early, and while there is no cap to the number of teams per event, late registrants should know they may play fewer games.

Anyone interested is asked to let us know by the Thursday prior to the tournament. 

Specifics about logistics  -- parking, room locations, etc -- will be e-mailed out Thursday night.  (Late registrants are still welcome)

Lastly, while these are competitive tournaments, these are not designed to be aggressively cutthroat tournaments.  The goals of these events are to introduce Quiz Bowl to as many new schools as possible, provide participation opportunities to younger, less experienced players, and have some fun.

Former MasterMinds players can find lists of fellow graduates on-line at:  www.nymasterminds.com/program/seniors.html

Questions?   Call (585)-473-0864 or send an e-mail to nyquizbowl@gmail.com