MasterMinds Championship
Brighton 365, McQuaid 100

With the first year of MasterMinds in the books, the second year of MasterMinds brought many new teams into the mix, with a record number of schools participating (38). īSince the former program Brainstormers limited its field to 32 teams, the 38 participants represented a new level of increased participation.

Brighton, which had lost the previous year to both 1994 finalists, finished second to Penfield in the regular season. īBut a solid playoff run with wins over Mercy (205-70), Brockport (180-160), Geneseo (345-100) and Penfield (305-160) put Brighton in the championship.

McQuaid got into the playoffs with a perfect 6-0 regular season, winning the league title.  McQuaid beat Churchville-Chili (140-100) and edged Newark (175-170) before falling to Penfield 310-110). But a 200-150 win over Victor and a 390-5 rout of Geneseo put the Knights into the loser's bracket final where a tight 185-175 win over Penfield put McQuaid back into the championship game.

In the highest scoring game ever, McQuaid beat Brighton 305-260 giving each team one loss. That set up a final with the winner to claim the second MasterMinds Championship.

Brighton started Ted Geiger (captain), Emily Smith, Aviva Geiger and Yana Dadiomova.
McQuaid started Damien DeLaney (captain), Bill Woitrya, Jeff Kuhn and Zack Nowak.

Zack Nowak put McQuaid on the board first as the Knights coverted a full 20-point bonus to take a 30-0 lead.
Brighton's Ted Geiger, McQuaid's Jeff Kuhn and Brighton's Emily Smith traded toss-ups resulting in Brighton taking a 45-40 lead.
A Damien DeLaney penalty coupled with toss-ups by Ted Geiger (two) and Aviva Geiger (one) extended the Barons' lead to 105-35.
Nowak (coupled with an Smith penalty) helped McQuaid climb back to a 100-60 deficit.
But a Nowak penalty and two Ted Geiger toss-ups put the halfime score at 170-55.
Both Bill Woitrya and Damien DeLaney scored in the second half making McQuaid the first team to have all four starters score in a final, but faced with a large deficit to overcome the Knights took some chances and ended up with four second half penalties.  Ted Geiger put 50 on the board for Brighton (finishing with an even 100) and the Barons won in a runaway 365-100.

Box Score
Brighton: Emily Smith 15, Ted Geiger 100, Aviva Geiger 20, Yana Dadiomova 0
McQuaid: Bill Woitrya 10, Jeff Kuhn 5, Damien DeLaney 5, Zack Nowak 10
Penalites: Smith, Kuhn, DeLaney, Nowak (4)