MasterMinds Championship
Penfield 245, McQuaid 140

With WXXI announcing the end of their long-running 'Brainstormers' tv show, prospects for a replacement program did not look promising, But the creation of the MasterMinds program breathed new life into the idea.

Fresh off a very different kind of season where schools had an opportunity for the first time to play multiple games, win or lose, it seemed fitting that Penfield should be one of the finalists.  Winner of several consecutive Brainstormers titles, including the swan song in 1993, Penfield could rightly be viewed as the preeminent local academic team.  Despite losing in the regular season to Wilson Magnet, its first loss in any game in several years, the Chiefs went 4-1 in the regular season, won the league title and advanced to the playoffs.  Wins over Greece Olympia (285-85) and Livonia (290-75) put Penfield in the winner's bracket final against McQuaid.  Penfield lost that game but beat Livonia 345-115 in the loser's bracket finals to get into the championship.

McQuaid, a regular season foe of Penfield, lost to the Chiefs in the regular season but earned a spot in the playoffs with a second place finish in the league.  McQuaid beat Gates Chili (245-180) and narrowly edged Victor (175-170) to earn a spot in the winner's bracket finals.  McQuaid beat Penfield 150-135 to advance to the championship game.

Penfield beat McQuaid 260-160 giving each team one loss.  That set up a final with the winner to claim the first MasterMinds Championship.

Penfield started Jeff Crean (captain), Mike Yates, Salas Sabnis and Chris Richards with Sonu Bisen replacing Yates at the half.
McQuaid started Fred Bush (captain), Craig Simeson, Aaron Nolan and Dan O'Connor with Pat Bernal coming in as a halftime substitute for Aaron Nolan.

Penfield scored the first 60 points of the game with Jeff Crean answering two toss-ups and Chris Richards one.  The team converted just 30 of 80 bonus points.
Fred Bush put McQuaid on the board and the Knights converted a full 20-point bonus to close the margin to 60-30.
Two more Crean toss-ups help Penfield bump the lead back up to 95-30.
The two teams traded the next three toss-up questions before halftime with Penfield holding a 135-85 lead.
Salas Sabnis helped Penfield extend the lead to 165-85 to start the second half, but Fred Bush got the next two toss-ups to close McQuaid to 165-115.
Jeff Crean got a toss-up correct to put Penfield up 205-115.
After a Penfield penalty, a Fred Bush toss-up and the accompanying bonus points pulled McQuaid within 55 at 200-145.
But a McQuaid penalty and two Jeff Crean toss-ups gave Penfield the win at 245-140.

Box Score
Penfield:  Jeff Crean 75, Mike Yates 0, Chris Richards 10, Salas Sabnis 5, Sonu Bisen 0
McQuaid:  Fred Bush 35, Aaron Nolan 10, Craig Simeson 0, Dan O'Connor 10, Pat Bernal 0
Penalties: Crean, Sabnis, Bush