MasterMinds Championship
Hilton 215, Pittsford Sutherland 140

Pittsford Sutherland        70      70      140
Hilton                              95    120      205

Box Score
Pittsford Sutherland:  Evan Wisner 5, Darian Saracevic 0, Atal Bhargava 0, Sierra Bornheim 25, Owen Tolbert 10
Hilton:  Daniel Richardson 55, Divya Naidu 40, Alexa Kelly 10, Brendan John 0
Power marks:  Bornheim, Richardson, Naidu (2)
Penalties:  Wisner

Hilton four correct toss-ups to jump out to a 95 - (-5) lead before Sutherland closed out the first half by scoring 75 points to close within 25 points.

Hilton extended the lead to 150-70 with three toss-ups, including a power mark.  But Hilton could only convert 20 of 90 bonus points, and when Sutherland got the next two toss-ups and 50 of 60 bonus points, the Hilton lead was just 10.  Even after Divya Naidu's second power mark of the game, the ten points Hilton earned on the bonus still meant the lead was just 35, within the reach of Sutherland in the final minute.  But Daniel Richardson's fifth toss-up of the game allowed Hilton to hold off Sutherland for the title.