MasterMinds Championship
Pittsford Sutherland 275, McQuaid 220

Pittsford Sutherland      155     120     275
McQuaid                       100     120     220

Box Score
Pittsford Sutherland:  Dylan Parker 15, Jake Kinney 20, Alan Tu 35, Sam Lowenstein 25
McQuaid:  Andrew Kinnard 0, Chase Tyler 40, Cosmo Viola 0, Kellen McGrath 40, Jason DeJesus 0
Power marks:  Tu, Parker, Lowenstein, Tyler (2), McGrath (3)
Penalties, McGrath

McQuaid took three of the first four toss-ups --- two from Chase Tyler --- building a 100-30 lead.  But three consecutive toss-ups from Alan Tu --- including a power mark ---  and full 30 point coversions on all three bonuses gave Sutherland a 155-100 halftime lead.

Kellen McGrath's second of three power marks opened the second half scoring, helping draw nearer to Sutherland, 155-145.  The teams traded toss-ups, with Sutherland expanding the lead to 20 points.  Three straight toss-ups grew the lead to 275-175 and while McGrath's third power led to a clean sweep bonus that earned McQuaid 45 points in the final minute, it could eclipse Sutherland's lead.  Sutherland takes their first title, 275-220.