MasterMinds Championship
Geneseo 190, Brockport 185

In the closest title game in local history, Geneseo became the first school outside Monroe County to win the MasterMinds championship.

Geneseo opened up a 145-55 halftime lead, but Brockport's balanced scoring brought the Blue Devils back, taking a 185-180 lead.

But in the closing seconds, Matt Holub got a toss-up question right for Geneseo and those 10 points gave Geneseo the title.

Box Score
Geneseo:  Seth Wallace 70, Lucky Prak (-5), Matt Holub 10, Jerry Yao 0, Ian Cotton 0
Brockport:  Matt Zimmer 0, Miriam Newman 40, Jonas Locke 30, Dan Ludington 0, Matt Dudek 10, Andrew Gardner 0
Penalties:  Prak