MasterMinds Championship
Cleveland Hill (regular season champ)

1995 found MasterMind making its debut in the Buffalo area with six schools marking a return of academic competitions over a decade after 'It's Academic' left the airwaves.  With just one league of schools, the regular season served to crown a regional champ.

Cleveland Hill breezed through its first six games, winning by at least 100 points in each game while scoring over 200 points in five of the six.
Cleveland Hill 215, West Seneca West 100
Cleveland Hill 295, East Aurora 55
Cleveland Hill 190, Iroquois 55
Cleveland Hill 260, Albion 35
Cleveland Hill 245, Nardin 75
Cleveland Hill 285, Albion 60

Facing a 5-1 West Seneca West team playing at home, Cleveland Hill held off WSW 230-205 to take a three game lead with three games to play.  A 185-100 win over East Aurora in that same meet guaranteed Cleveland Hill the title.

Not to rest on their laurels, Cleveland Hill beat Iroquois 185-165 and Nardin 220-30 to close out a perfect 10-0 season and claimed the title in fine fashion.

Cleveland Hill used the tough 1-2 punch of senior Bob Proehl (495 points) and junior Mike McPartlan (380 points) to defeat all opponents. Seniors Susan Bonczar, Tom Kobos, Amy Kron, and Mike Szarpa and junior Tracy Fitzery also logged game time.