MasterMinds Championship
Williamsville East 235, Nichols 210

Box Score
Williamsville East         95    140    235
Nichols                        165      45    210

Williamsville East:  Aniruddha Nrusimha 45, Crystal Lu 0, Shreyas Prasad 20, Shaun Kohli 10, Nathan Klaits 20
Nichols:  Nate Thompson 25, Michael Fredericks 15, Bradley Castiglia 20
Power marks:  Nrusimha (3), Prasad, Fredericks
Penalties:  Prasad, Thompson (3)

Williamsville East took the first lead of the game on Shaun Kohli's power mark and subsequent 20 bonus points, but the next 100 points went to Nichols as Nate Thomson scored 20 and Bradley Castiglia 10 and Nichols swept two of their three bonus questions.
The teams then traded correct answers bringing the halftime score to Nichols 165, Williamsville East 95.
East closed to within 15 points at 160-145 after correctly answering the first two second half toss-ups, and the teams then traded penalty/turn-over conversions to make the score 185-170. 
Each team then answered toss-ups --- East's on a power mark --- and converted 20 of 30 on their respective bonuses to make the score Nichols 215, East 205.
In the final minute, Nichols' Nate Thomson (a selection to the all-tournament team) picked up a penalty and Nathan Klaits answered the turn-over to give East their first lead since the first question of the game.  East then scored 20 of 30 on the bonus to account for the final points.