MasterMinds Championship
Orchard Park 270, Williamsville East 195

Box Score
Orchard Park:  Ian Ferer 20, Mike Gossel 10, Calvin Clark 15, Grant Merkel 45
Williamsville East:  Nicolas Leberer 30, Ian DesJardin 10, Ananya Nrusimha 20, Adam Klaits 15
Power marks:  Clark, Merkel (2), Leberer (2), DesJardin, Klaits
Penalties:  Merkel, DesJardin

Calvin Clark's power mark on the first question of the game helped stake Orchard Park to a 35-0 lead, a lead promptly erased by 45 Williamsville East points, started by Nicolas Leberer's power mark.  Three consecutive toss-ups by Orchard Park took back the lead and expanded it to 130-145 before two East toss-ups helped bring back East, trailing 130-105 at the half.

Three toss-ups to start the second half grew the OP lead to 240-105.  The two teams traded toss-ups before two late power marks closed the gap but fell short and Orchard Park won 270-195.