MasterMinds Championship
Bethlehem 355, Guilderland 155

Bethlehem      95   260   355
Guilderland  120     35   155

Box Score
Bethlehem: Alfonso Prieto (-5), Wenyuan Hou 10, Michael Bartlett 0, James Cody 25, Zaeem Rana 0, Eric Wolfsberg 100, Michael Lee 0, Shamanth Murundi 0
Guilderland: Will Wang 20, Michelle Prunier 0, Angus Armstrong 25, Jeremy Collison 5, Rafi Nizam 0

Play opened with Guilderland taking the first toss-up and jumping out to a 30-0 lead.  A Guilderland penalty opened the door for Bethlehem to take a 40-25 lead, but back-to-back Bethlehem penalties and Guilderland's conversion of 50 out of 60 bonus points put Guilderland up 90-50.  Two consecutive toss-ups (including a power mark) and 40 bonus points gave Bethlehem back the lead, but Guilderland got the final toss-up of the first half to take a 120-95 lead.

Eric Wolfsberg to the first toss-up of the second half and Bethlehem converted all 30 bonus points to take a 135-120 lead, a lead promptly surrendered when Angus Armstrong's power mark helped Guilderland regain the lead, 155-135.  But Eric Wolfsberg answered the next six questions  --- all with power marks --- and Bethlehem converted 120 of 180 bonus points to win 355-155.