2018-2019 Rochester League 1

Churchville-Chili HS

Front Row:  Rachel Miller, Jessica Jong, Kennedy Skuse
Back Row:  Courtney Curley, Jessica Snider, Aidan Healy, Marina Smith, Joey Territo, Kasey Rabideau

McQuaid HS

Front Row:  Andrew Kinard, Adam Daughton
Back Row:  Ben Buyer, Paolo Blanchi

Northstar Christian Academy

Front Row:  Lonnie Pollocks, Kate Nguyen, Mufan Chen, Dylan Geer
Back Row:   Josh Clement, Annie Ly, Sean Geer

Spencerport HS

L to R:  Mary Melia, Allison North, Lilly North, Brianna Donnelly

University Preparatory Charter School

L to R:  Michael Scott, Jarius Thompson, Tyler Smith, Christopher Spaight

World of Inquiry HS

Front Row:  Jules Wagner, Kasim O'Meally
Back Row:  Robert Buckert