MasterMinds graduates' Colleges of Choice

Graduates from the high school classes of 2020, 2019 and 2018 are listed below the current graduating class.
While we make every effort to be accurate, some students may be listed incorrectly, especially from previous graduating classes due to transfers or other circumstances.
This information is provided for students in the hopes they will use it to network with each other for purposes of:
    1)  getting together carpools to travel to and from college or simply have travelling buddies,
    2)  using the common background of MasterMinds as an ice-breaker to help students make friends at college,
    3)  helping students to get together to participate in campus 'Quiz Bowl' programs.  At schools where quiz bowl is not played, it is hoped that these graduates will work together to begin such a program.

Attention MasterMinds Participants
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Colleges of Choice for the HS Class of 2022 (College Class of 2026)
coming soon

Colleges of Choice for the HS Class of 2021 (College Class of 2025)
Albany College of Pharmacy (NY):   Rachael Lavigne (Saratoga Springs); 
Alfred U. (NY):   Aaron Buck (Fillmore); Nick Eden (Cardinal O'Hara); 
Allegheny C. (PA):   Sam Goodwin (McQuaid); 
American U. (DC):   Aiden Delehanty (World of Inquiry);  
Ashland U. (OH):   Stephen Struckmann (Belfast); 
Babson C. (MA):  Matt Walter (St. Mary's); 
Boston College (MA):  Raquel Cohen (Saratoga Springs);
Bridgewater St. C. (MA):  Julia Kinney (Waterford);  Kaitlyn Hopper (Marcus Whitman);
Brigham Young University [BYU] (UT):  Ethan Richardson (Rush-Henrietta); 
Brown U. (RI):
  Ben Goldberg (Bethlehem); 
Calvin C. (MI):  Katherine Selvaggio (Rochester-Our Lady of Mercy); 
Canisius C. (NY):  Johnathan Dusza (Amherst);  
Carroll U. (WI):  Laura Fontaine (St. Mary's);    
Case Western Reserve U. (OH):  Asha Kartha (Olmsted);  
Clarkson U. (NY):   Lukas Zalewski (East Rochester);  Wyatt Patterson (Union Springs);  Riley Sawyer (Union Springs);
Colgate U. (NY):   Ed Feeney (Nichols School);      
Colgate U. (NY):   Sam Farrell (Buffalo-City Honors);  Callie Updike (Holley); 
College of the Holy Cross (CT):   Zach Barney (Canisius); 
College of St. Rose (NY):  Jaleah Tirse (Gloversville);  Sara Abuzaid (Lansingburgh); 
College of William and Mary (VA):  Fiona Molluso (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake); 
Cornell U. (NY
):  Neil Gidwani (Saratoga Springs);  Alex Kang (Amherst);  Jack Lenz (Amherst);  Max Whitton (Amherst);  Azzah Omer (Eastridge);  Adam Cahall (Fairport);  Laine Havens (Canandaigua);  Lyndsey Wright (Midlakes);  Jeanna Hoffmann (Wayne);  Raina Hoffmann (Wayne);  Nate Heinzelman (Pittsford Sutherland); 
Daemen C. (NY):
  Leah Marron (Churchville-Chili); 
Dartmouth C. (NH):  Zach Seburn (Syracuse-CBA);  
Dickinson C. (PA):  Emmalee Davis (Holy Names);  
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U. (FL):  Sean Mann (Olmsted);  
Emory U. (GA):  Michael Dehn (Pittsford Sutherland);  
Erie CC.:  Brianna Sauve (Cardinal O'Hara);
Fairfield U. (CT):
  Carlo Tramontana (Canisius);    
Finger Lakes CC:  Ryan Iraci (Midlakes);  Jenny Brown (Red Jacket);  Alan Moore (Williamson);  Ben Clovis (Marcus Whitman);    
George Washington U. (DC):  Athena Rodrigues (Holy Names);
Georgetown U. (DC):  Joe Vitali (Columbia);  Will Joyce (Canisius); 
Hamilton C. (NY):  Owen Kane (LaSalle);  Xavier Schlemmer (Troy);  Megan Rai (Holy Names);  Iris Izydorczak (Amherst);         
Hartwick C. (NY):  Colleen Long (Johnstown);        
Hobart & William Smith C. (NY):   Jack Norkus (Red Jacket);  Hannah Green (Port Byron);        
Hofstra U. (NY):  Abigail Hart (Cleveland Hill);  Donovan Anderson (Cato-Meridian);     
Houghton C. (NY):
  Faith Coolbeth (East Syracuse-Minoa);     
Hudson Valley CC:  Daniel Bradshaw (Lansingburgh);  Justin Valenti (Catholic Central);  Adrianne Sacilowski (Hoosick Falls);   
Kenyon C. (OH):  Gavin Trautman (Columbia);
LeMoyne C. (NY):   Katie Rotondi (Tamarac); 
Monroe CC.:  Martina Inga (Eastridge);  Anthony Lawrence (Greece Olympia);  Jake Austin (Fillmore);  Vienna Kuhn (Wayne);  
Mass. College of Pharmacy/Health Sciences [MCPHS]:   Gavin Bink (Berlin);        
McGill U. (Quebec, Canada):   Carmela Jerry (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake); 
Mercyhurst C. (PA):  Jacob Hartle (Victor);  
Messiah C. (PA):  Jennifer Gates (Fillmore);        
Middlebury C. (VT):  Sam Garrahan (Schuylerville); Ted Chambers (Nichols School);
Nazareth C. (NY):  Justin Karnisky (McQuaid); Cloey Stremick (Greece Arcadia);  Willow Clark (Kendall); Joey Nettles (Kendall);    
New York U. [NYU]:  Jake Antonez (Saratoga Springs);    
Niagara County CC.:   Mara Volle (Grand Island); 
Niagara U. (NY):
   Jamie Lechner (Grand Island);  Jacob Esposito (Kendall);  Raegan Lawton (Union Springs); 
Northeastern U. (MA):  Aidan Greene (Johnstown);          
Olin C. (MA):
  Ben Eisenbraun (Bethlehem); 
Pace U. (NY):  Will Sloth (Marcus Whitman);    
Penn St. U. (PA):   Alexa Weber (Starpoint);  
Rensselaer Polytech Inst. [RPI] (NY):   Aubrey Jennings (Broadalbin-Perth);  Andrew Hickok (Gloversville);  Noah Printup (Columbia); 
Roberts Wesleyan C. (NY):   Abigail Chace (Rochester-Our Lady of Mercy);  Mackenzie Jenks (Kendall);     
Rochester Inst. of Tech [RIT] (NY):  Dylan Morton (Hudson Falls);  Aaron Kersten (Canisius);  Christian Ellicott (Buffalo-City Honors);  Faith Wong (Lima Christian);  Dillon Carrow (West Seneca West);  Emily Ziebarth (East Rochester);  Chris Dutko (Eastridge);  Kasim O'Meally (World of Inquiry);  Lydia Krager (Red Jacket);  Nathan Lloyd (Cato-Meridian);  Nic Roseamelia (East Syracuse-Minoa); 
Russell Sage C. (NY):  Pan Young (Bishop Maginn);  Aishah Alshoga (Lansingburgh); 
St. Bonaventure U. (NY):  Isaac Howson (Buffalo-City Honors);  Rya Swenson (Mynderse);  Katie Kuznair (Penfield); 
St. John Fisher C. (NY):
  Kaylee Schelah (Port Byron);       
St. Lawrence U. (NY):  Cody Belden (Schuylerville);       
Schenectady County CC.:
  Zak Nikolov (Gloversville);
Siena C. (NY):
  Jenna Kosnick (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake);          
Stanford U. (CA):  Jackson Domurad (Tamarac);          
University Centers are listed first, followed by state colleges, then state tech schools
SUNY @ Albany:  Isabella D'Ambro (Waterford);  Jenna Lennox (Waterford);  Grace Marie Shover (Lansingburgh);  Morgan Delsignore (Watervliet);  Julia Ross-McGuire (Wayne); 
SUNY @ Binghamton:
  Owen Bills (Waterford);  Simon O'Connor (Columbia);  Alex Connard (East Rochester);  Camden Haws (Williamson);  Lydia Wyble (Williamson);  Alec Shaw (East Syracuse-Minoa);  Logan Ellington (Starpoint); 
SUNY @ Buffalo [UB]:  Ryan Travers (Amherst);  William Bizier (Amherst);  Tarek Karzoun (Depew);  Emily Cohen (Grand Island);  Bryce Davis (Kenmore East);  Krystal Vealey (St. Mary's);  Liam Meyers (Buffalo-City Honors);  Nels Otterson (Buffalo-City Honors);  Jakob Syracuse (Iroquois);  Laiba Qadeer (Churchville-Chili);  Leah Ward (Churchville-Chili);  Ethan Delles (Hilton);  Evan Delles (Hilton);  Carter Green (Medina);  Connor Quimby (Fairport);  Dina Dahhan (Penfield);  Ilsa Kloiber (Victor);  Christian Lingenfelter (Belfast);  Adam Finn (Union Springs);  Kaitlyn Vu (Starpoint);  Katelyn Hawkins (Starpoint);  Jenna Polito (Starpoint);  Peyton Boudinet (Dundee); 
SUNY @ Stony Brook:   Marie Collison (Guilderland); 
SUNY Polytechnic:   Simon Florio (Broadalbin-Perth);         
SUNY C. @ Adirondack:  Kristen Paravella (Troy); 
SUNY C. @ Brockport:
  Ian Wilde (Kenmore East);  Taylor Holzschuh (Kendall);  Luke Lloyd (Brockport);  Christian Lopez (Belfast); 
SUNY C. @ Buffalo [Buff. St.]:
  Brett Pirro (West Seneca West);         
SUNY C. @ Cortland:  Holly Hermann (Berlin);
SUNY C. @ Fredonia:  Sophie Szentgyorgyi (Lancaser);  Abby Miller (Cleveland Hill);  Aidan Heaney (Belfast);  Owen Brandjes (Olmsted); 
SUNY C. @ Geneseo:   Andrew Dow (Amherst);  Simon Kane (Kenmore East);  Ashley Ames (Albion);  Keiran Kelley (Fillmore); 
SUNY C. @ New Paltz:   Jacob Martelle (Johnstown);  Lila Montgomery (Schalmont);  Mya Taite (Schalmont);  Bridget Herrmann (Berlin);     
SUNY C. @ Plattsburg:  Noah Bonesteel (Averill Park);  
SUNY C. @ Potsdam:
   Cassidy Herendeen (Pal-Mac);  Steven Higgins (Olmsted); 
SUNY Tech C. @ Alfred [Alfred St.]:  James Wiater (East Rochester);  Abbey Herendeen (Midlakes);      
SUNY Tech C. @ Canton:  Katie Colarocco (Cato-Meridian);  
SUNY C. of Environmental Science and Forestry [ESF]:
  Emma Hart (Cleveland Hill);  Cameron Fiorino (East Rochester);
Syracuse U. (NY):  Grace Scalfaro (East Syracuse-Minoa); 
Tulane U. (LA):  Lainna Salvione (Mayfield);     
U. Akron:  Alwyn Cayea (Medina);      
U. California at Los Angeles [UCLA]:  David Berin (Bethlehem);   
U. Connecticu
t:   Alyssa Brown (Moravia);  
U. Delaware:   Kelsey Hinderliter (Broadalbin-Perth);  
U. Maine-Orono:
  Ava Gnac (Lansingburgh);         
U. New Haven (CT):  Sarah Pratt (Johnstown);  
U. Notre Dame (IN):
  Grace Kurzweil (Rochester-Our Lady of Mercy);  
U. Pennsylvania [Penn]:  Liam Dell (Buffalo-City Honors);  Silas Ruth (World of Inquiry);  Evangeline Vitsaxaki (Skaneateles); 
U. Pittsburgh (PA):  Aaron Fleshler (Amherst);  Paul McPartlan (Amherst); 
U. Rochester (NY):  Cadence Brunecz (Depew);  Gavin Li (Canisius);  Malcolm Orrange (Buffalo-City Honors);  Sunahra Tanvir (Rush-Henrietta);  Ian Orloff (Wheatland-Chili);  Lauren Miller (Kendall);  Julia Esen (Webster Thomas);  Johann Kintzel (Marcus Whitman);  Emma Evereth (Starpoint);  
U. Toronto (Ontario, Canada):  John Lopinski (Amherst);  Daniel Mao (Brighton);  Brynne O'Brien (Eastridge); 
Vassar C. (NY):  Kevin Rogoza (Grand Island);  Maeve Smith (Union Springs);    
Wells C. (NY):   Katherine Lewis (Bishop Maginn);  Evan Miner (Union Springs); 
Western New England C. (MA):  Grace Ryan (Bishop Maginn);      
Williams C. (MA):  Rachel Schmidt (Emma Willard);  Jordanne Brazie (Berlin); 
Worchester Polytechnical Inst. [WPI] (MA):  Carter Washock (LaSalle);  Cameron Wian (Schuylerville);    
Wright St. C. (MI):
  Daniel Dobbins (Greece Arcadia);   
Yale U. (CT):  Caitlin Chung (Bethlehem);  Adam Wesley (Pittsford Mendon);   

Colleges of Choice for the HS Class of 2020 (College Class of 2024)
Albany College of Pharmacy (NY):   Gabe Silverstein (Bishop Maginn); 
Alfred U. (NY):
   Ben Herman (Moravia); John Wendt (Lew-Port); 
American U. (DC):   Justin Angelo (Gates Chili);  
Bennington C. (VT)Dylan Walawender (Union Springs);   
Bentley C. (MA):  Judea Whittingham (Holy Names); 
College (MA):  Olivia Kirker (Colonie); RJ Patrick (LaSalle);
Boston University (MA):  Emily Richardson (Hilton);
Brandeis University (MA):  Antonio Zevola (Broadalbin-Perth);      
Brigham Young
University [BYU] (UT):
  Carter Hale (Fayetteville-Manlius); 
Brown U. (RI):
  Omar Al-Jendari (Fairport);  Maddie Walters (Union Springs);  Phaz Cherelin (Rochester School of the Arts);  Sierra Bornheim (Pittsford Sutherland); Tyra Shepherd (Holley);    
California Inst. of Technology [Cal Tech]:  Kemal Pulungan (Troy);  
Carnegie Mellon U. (PA):  Owen Ball (Columbia);  Freda Su (Williamsville East);  Shaborn Leggette (Rochester School of the Arts);    
Case Western Reserve U. (OH):  Nidhi Shah (Columbia);  
Catholic U. (DC):  Rob Nero (LaSalle); Jack Conti (Webster Thomas);  
Cayuga CC.:
   Autumn Kelley (Clyde-Savannah);  Allison Payne (Clyde-Savannah);  Simon Mills (Union Springs);     
Cazenovia C. (NY):  Morganne Tighe (Amsterdam);    
Centre C. (KY):  Renée Doser (Fairport);    
Chatham U. (PA):
   Emi Perdan (Canandaigua);     
Clarkson U. (NY):
   Charles Anderson (Schalmont);  Isaiah Horne (Bishop Ludden);  Miles Compani (Broadalbin-Perth);  Sydney Osterhout (Broadalbin-Perth);  
Clemson U. (GA):   Kaitlyn Welch (Cleveland Hill);  Jake Longuil (McQuaid Jesuit);     
Colgate U. (NY):   Morgan Usselman (Victor);  Mariah Loiacono (Penfield);      
Cornell U. (NY):  Justin Cwiklinski (Depew);  Karnavaal Al-Rubaya (Rush-Henrietta);  Charlotte Tidball (Mynderse);  JP Soderberg (Skaneateles);  Margot Treadwell (Iroquois); 
Daemen C. (NY):  Katrina Linenfelder (Grand Island);  
Edinboro C. (PA):
  Reagan Wilkins (Medina);  Madeline Beikirch (Greece Arcadia);  
Elmira C. (NY):  Lindsay Smith (Moravia);  
Erie CC.:
  Christian Walinski (West Seneca East); Liam Beveridge (Cheektowaga); Emily Krause (Cheektowaga);
Fairfield U. (CT):  Avery Fenton (Broadalbin-Perth);    
Fashion Institure of Technology (NY):
  Marriana Matice (Mayfield);  Kyra White (Jordan-Elbridge);    
Finger Lakes CC:
  Zac Fousse (Greece Olympia);  Michael Crandall (Midlakes);  CiCi Ward (Honeoye);  Gabriel Hill (Canandaigua);  Jordan Williams (Williamson);    
Fordham U. (NY):  Stefania Bonanni (Holy Names);  Colleen Ells (Holy Names);     
Fulton-Montgomery CC.
:   Hayli Raylinsky (Galway);  Colby Brandow (Mayfield);  Colemar Henderson (Mayfield);  Trevor Lehr (Mayfield);  Vanessa Colangelo (Galway);  
Genesee CC.:  Camryn Knapp (Elba);
George Washington U. (DC):  Daniel Pollydore (Albany HS);
Grove City C. (PA): 
Tim Buonaugurio (Greece Arcadia);   
Hamilton C.
(NY):  Alissa Mangiaracina (Gloversville);         
Hartwick C. (NY):  Paige Eaton (Mercy);        
Harvard U. (MA):
  Abigail White (Holy Names);  
Hobart & William Smith C. (NY):   Kennedy Jones (North Rose-Wolcott);  Nathan Williams (Jordan-Elbridge);  Katie Pratt (Union Springs);  Katelyn Weeks (Gates Chili);  Ian Moon (Penfield);     
Houghton C. (NY):  Andrew Hotchkiss (Fillmore);  Levi Webb (Fillmore);  Hannah Anderson (Moravia);     
Hudson Valley CC:  Tyler Pearson (Columbia);  Robbie Wiltsie (Columbia);  Kaylee Denue (Hoosick Falls);  Summer Myers (Tamarac);  Abby Zawistowski (Watervliet);  Gabe Hemendinger (Berlin);  Brandon Rifenburg (Berlin);  Ahmad Shahzad (Rensselaer);  Ayesha Shahzad (Rensselaer); Elsie Stalker (Waterford);
Hunter C. (NY):  Saul Romero (Watervliet);        
Ithaca C.
(NY):   Edele Morgan (Dundee);  Josh Bulmer (Tamarac); 
Johns Hopkins U. (MD):    Nina Tedeschi (Columbia);  
Keuka C. (NY):  Morgan Wiater (East Rochester);  Aliyah Brewer (Dundee);  Marlene St. Fleur (Sodus);  Jenna Villa (Webster Thomas);
LeMoyne C. (NY):   Lily Buchholz (Skaneateles);  Chris Eschbacher (East Syracuse-Minoa);       
Lesley C. (MA):  Michelle Hutter (Tamarac);  
Louisiana St. U. [LSU]:  Joshua Kasprzak (Starpoint);  
Massachusetts Inst. of Technology [MIT]:
  Gillian Roeder (Bethlehem);        
McGill U. (Quebec, Cananda):  Jocelyn Campo (Williamsville East);        
Michigan St.
U.:  Matt DiRisio (Victor);        
Middlebury C. (VT):  Michael Eller (Mynderse); Margaux Eller (Mynderse);
Monroe CC.:
  Ella Voekle (Spencerport);  Thomarott Boonmar (Greece Olympia);  Nathan Macek (Rush-Henrietta);  Guye Shoda (East Rochester);  Vincent Mauro (Greece Odyssey); 
Nazareth C. (NY):  Rheanna Barney (Greece Athena);  Angelene Merrick (Honeoye);  Emily Starkweather (Amherst); Ally Benson (Holley);    
New York U. [NYU]:  Jacob Chen (Penfield);    
Niagara U. (NY):
   Luke Rizzo (Grand Island);  Susel Linares (Rochester-School of the Arts);  Rob Reszel (Cardinal O'Hara); 
Northeastern U. (MA):  Sean Clarke (Penfield);          
Northwestern U. (IL):
  Noah Millan (Columbia); Israel Washington (Albany HS);           
Nova Southeastern U. (FL):  Holden Decker (Galway);  Emma Gardner (Gates Chili);   
Onondaga CC.:
  Trinidi Golden (Cato-Meridian);  Aaron McShane (Jordan-Elbridge);  Chris Eschbacher (East Syracuse-Minoa);     
Pace U. (NY):  Emma DeGroff (Union Springs);  Quade Lathrop (Mayfield);    
Purdue U. (IN):   Connor See (Columbia);   
Princeton U. (NJ):   Aaron Brzezinski (Honeyoe);  Gabe Robare (Nichols School);   
Reed C. (OR):  Jane Tang (Williamsville East);    
Rensselaer Polytech Inst. [RPI]:
   Yxlphrm Burke (Gloversville);  Skye Taylor (Averill Park);  Lauren Sullivan (Mercy);  Abigail Golden (Lansingburgh); 
Roberts Wesleyan C. (NY):   Hannah Clark (Pembroke);  Emma Rath (Clyde-Savannah);  Michael McGuinn (Greece Odyssey); Mitch Johnson (Grand Island);     
Rochester Inst. of Tech [RIT]:  Ryan Allen (Columbia);  Sam Jensen (Schalmont);  Bryan Doolin (Berne-Knox-Westerlo);  Sydney Neff (Holy Names);  Jimmy Hasselbeck (East Aurora);  Ciara Bailey (Gates Chili);  Victoria Graziano (Rochester-School of the Arts);  Luisa Velocci (Rochester-School of the Arts);  Andrew DelRegno (Greece Athena);  Clare Talty (Mercy);  Ethan Gould (Lyons);  Collin Giess (Victor);  Justin Man (Victor);  Aaron Nguyen (Victor);  Jordan Gifford (Honeoye);  Elio Dominguez-Montalbano (Aquinas);  Vera Zsenits (Fairport);  Nathan Irving (Union Springs);  Connor Hollenbeck (Albion);  Charlie Gray (Canandaigua);  Austin Brown (Williamson);  Blake Cabrera (Greece Arcadia); John Talen (Webster Thomas); TJ Weaver (Spencerport);
Roger Williams C. (RI):  Caylie Bleyl (Waterford);   
Russell Sage C. (NY):  Charlotte Macesker (Broadalbin-Perth);
St. John Fisher C. (NY):
  Derrick Tandle (Lyons); Rachael Vanelli (Holley);  Aubrey Gill (Mynderse);  Elle McEneany (Webster Thomas);       
St. Michael's C. (VT):  Gabe Kelsey (East Syracuse-Minoa);
Schenectady County CC.:  Kaden Koniszewski (Waterford);
Siena C. (NY):
  Ryan Foreman (Mayfield);  Sarah Cunningham (Watervliet);  Michael Karner (Watervliet);  Andrew Kretzchmar (Rensselaer); Zachary Soden (Waterford);         
Stanford U. (CA):  Max Du (Fayetteville-Manlius);          

University Centers are listed first, followed by state colleges, then state tech schools
SUNY @ Albany:  Katharine Serio (Holy Names);  Mackenzie Brown (Rensselaer);  Areej Chisti (Rensselaer); Emma Dickinson (Grand Island); 
SUNY @ Binghamton:
  Thomas Moyer (Schalmont);  Joe Meyers (Schalmont);  Kaleb O'Dell (Greece Arcadia);  Sarah McKay (Union Springs);  Gryffin Hardick (Bishop Ludden);  Ben Rosa (Guilderland); Matthew Baker (Albany HS); Brianna Belec (Webster Thomas); 
SUNY @ Buffalo [UB]:  Kylie Naylor (Sweet Home);  Kimberly Pham (Cheektowaga); Anna Tran (Cheektowaga);  Ben Mogavero (Kenmore West);   Jake Lis (Lancaster);  Matt Izzo (East Aurora);  Sam Morgan (East Aurora);  Alex Jensen (West Seneca East);  Mason Smith (West Seneca East);  Alex Schlafer (Greece Arcadia);  Daysia Augustin (Rush-Henrietta);  Ian Stenshagen (Rush-Henrietta);  Justin Bachman (North Rose-Wolcott); John Tolomay (Victor);  Guled Sharif (Olmsted);  Andrew Vickery (Niskayuna);  Max Clarke (Starpoint);  Xavier Stanton (West Seneca West);  Virginia Walczak (West Seneca West);  Jacob Cornell (Greece Odyssey);  Erik Ryan (Jordan-Elbridge);  Meghan Whalen (Jordan-Elbridge);  Mia Delap (Jordan-Elbridge);   Jeffrey Chen (Williamsville East); Emily Macfarlane (Broadalbin-Perth); Alex Laurenzi (Lew-Port); Coby Gayhart (Cheektowaga); Alexis Hester (Cheektowaga); Alexis Holzman (Cheektowaga); Monica Cortes (Grand Island); Luke Hess (Grand Island); Victoria Huang (Grand Island);
SUNY @ Stony Brook:   Tim Kruger (Amsterdam);  Alex Cooper (Averill Park);  Alex Borca (Troy);  Jared Walden (Honeoye);  Andrew Crone (East Syracuse-Minoa); 
SUNY Polytechnic:   Spencer Daley (Catholic Central);  Aidan Coykendall (Churchville-Chili);         
SUNY C. @ Brockport:  Jacob Eckler (Starpoint); Zach Tamul (Lew-Port); Brad Kingdollar (Holley);
SUNY C. @ Buffalo [Buff. St.]:
  Zach Washburn (Sodus);  Zachary Wier (West Seneca West);  Wynni Benson (Cardinal O'Hara);        
SUNY C. @ Cortland:  Madi Monaghan (Gates Chili);  Naomi Davies (Rensselaer); Meghan Uhlinger (Broadalbin-Perth);
SUNY C. @ Fredonia:  Erik Dillon (Midlakes);         
SUNY C. @ Geneseo:   Darren Redmond (Honeoye);  Madison Geddes (Holy Names);  Griffin Owens (East Aurora);  Gabe Purcell (Lansingburgh);  Zoe Coutu (Geneseo); Grace Pearse (Geneseo); Julianna Klimov (Webster Thomas);    
SUNY C. @ New Paltz:   Adam Brown (Rush-Henrietta);  Jackson Flowers (Berlin);  Evelyn Golding (Holy Names);  Catie Casey-Wagemaker (Niskayuna);     
SUNY C. @ Oneonta:   Paige Brink (Galway); Sydney Rook (Mynderse); 
SUNY C. @ Oswego:   Joe Turallo (Schalmont);  Seth Romberg (Greece Athena);  Grace Zlöbl (North Rose-Wolcott); Kimberly Martin (Galway);    
SUNY C. @ Plattsburg:  Derek Ferguson (Rush-Henrietta);  
SUNY C. @ Potsdam:
   Islan Miller (Schalmont);  Henry Stringer (Fairport);  Molly Mann (Lansingburgh); 
SUNY Tech C. @ Alfred [Alfred St.]:  Elli Cromheecke (Penn Yan);  Elisa Cartwright (Belfast);  Joshua Wallace (Fillmore);      
SUNY C. of Environmental Science and Forestry [ESF]:  Carley Sackett (Honeoye); Samuel Kelsey (Waterford);  Tim Carlson (Grand Island);
Stonehill C. (MA):  Jordan Rivenburg (Mayfield); Ben Smouse (Gloversville); 
Syracuse U. (NY):  Cody Van Nostrand (Livonia); 
Tufts U
. (MA):
  Claire Anderson (Emma Willard);      
U. (LA):  Evan Roden (East Aurora);   Jasmine Kiley (Penfield);     
Union C
. (NY):  Sebastian Kania (Catholic Central);  Lucas Kania (Catholic Central);   Rubab Raza (Watervliet);     
U. Arizona:  Oliver Olds (Columbia);      
U. Chicago:  Navid Mazidabadifarahani (Bethlehem);   Michael McClure (Nichols School);  Laura Giugno (Mercy) 
U. Connecticu
t:   Noelle Maloney (Columbia);  
U. Maine-Orono:  Jack Baker (Canandaigua);         
U. Massachusetts-Amherst:  Jess Noltee (Sweet Home);  
U. Michigan:
  Amy Ruan (Fairport);  
U. New Hampshire:
  Corwin Freedman (Saratoga Springs);  Shane Mongan (Greece Olympia); 
U. North Carolina-Chapel Hill:  Skye Campo (Williamsville East); 
U. North Dakota:  Trevor Skumin (Christian Brothers-Albany); 
U. Pennsylvania [Penn]:
  Bryce Gunderson (McQuaid);  Aaron Anandarajah (Pittsford Mendon);  
U. Rochester (NY):
  Ben Langtry (Moravia);  Sergei Eliseev (Penfield);  Isabella Riner (Elba);  Kristin Hahn (Fairport);  Nathan Miner (Greece Athena);  Delaney Cummins (Holy Names);  Luke Ingalls (East Syracuse-Minoa);  Eli Seamans (Fayetteville-Manlius);  Wendy Zimmerman (Saratoga Springs);  Nadia Morales (Rochester School of the Arts); Amelia Kwak (Livonia);
U. San Francisco:  Noah Mujalli (Rensselaer);  
U. Southern California [USC]:  Cole Cornwell (Penfield);  
U. Wisconsin-Madison: 
Levi Karvnaratne (Greece Athena);  
Vanderbilt U. (TN):  Thomas Riker (Canisius);     
Vassar C. (NY):
  Logan Scott (Colonie);  Maeve Smith (Union Springs);    
Virginia Tech.:  Nicholas Hillengas (Albany HS);    
Washington St. U.:
   Nathan Mills (Waterford);   
West Virgina U.:
   Aiden Holbrook (Galway);   
William Patterson U. (NJ):  Richard LaRouech (East Aurora);      
Williamsport U.:
  Sarah Loucks (Penn Yan);   

Worchester Polytechnical Inst. [WPI] (MA):  Alexis Graziano (Holy Names);   
Wofford U. (SC):
  Sarah Franchini (Holy Names);   

Colleges of Choice for the HS Class of 2019 (College Class of 2023)
Alfred U. (NY):
   Owen Nelson (Amherst);  Ethan Billings (Kendall);  Josh Buck (Fillmore);   
Allegheny C. (PA):   Cade Snyder (Irondequoit);     
American U. (DC):
  Mitchell Zellinger (Skaneateles);   
Baruch C. (NY):
  Jessica Snider (Churchville-Chili);     
Boston College (MA):
  Eric Liu (Fairport);    
Boston University (MA):
  Patrick Boese (Brighton);      
Bowling Green U. (OH):   Stephanie DeCroix (Lewiston-Porter);   
Brandeis U. (MA):  Daniel Kolodny (Brighton);       
Brown U. (RI):
  Jason Eveleth (Albany HS);  Jack Kleinman (Brighton);     
Butler U. (IN):
   Adam Daughton (McQuaid);     
California Inst. of Technology [Cal Tech]:
    Maggie Sui (Bethlehem);  
Canisius C. (NY):
  Kostas Vailiadis (Grand Island);  John Federice (St. Joseph's);  Grace Brown (West Seneca East);  Travis Hintzman (West Seneca East);     
Carnegie Mellon U. (PA):  Eli Fox (Pembroke);  
Cayuga CC.:
  Shealyn Shattuck (North Rose-Wolcott);  Phillip Ufholz (North Rose-Wolcott);  Brady Knutson (Moravia);   Lily Molisani (Clyde-Savannah);    
Cazenovia C. (NY):  Sydney Lemire (Columbia);    
Clarkson U.:
   Alyssa Dublewski (Broadalbin-Perth);   Adam DiCeCesare (Columbia);  Troy Krug (Columbia);  Brian Beyer (Canandaigua);  Gavin Buehler (Williamson);  Mason Kozody (Fairport);     
Colgate U. (NY):
   Catherine Wang (Colonie);  Wesley Dorow (East Rochester);      
College of the Holy Cross (CT):
  Patrick Molluso (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake);  Marco Spataro (Albany--CBA);  Riley Flint (Galway);    
College of
St. Rose (NY):   Katelyn Cooper (Averill Park);  Emily Gundrum (Brockport);   Kayla Quick (Waterford);
College of
William & Mary (VA):
   Kara SantaLucia (Orchard Park); 
Community College of the Air Force (AL):   Amanda Colombo (Newark); 
Connecticut C.:
   Annika Brown (Schuylerville); 
Cornell U. (NY):
  Taryn LaFontaine (Mayfield);  Jin Shang (Guilderland);   Crystal Lu (Williamsville East); Shreyas Prasad (Williamsville East);  Grace Yao (Williamsville East);  Calvin Johnson (Pittsford Mendon);  Anirudh Sharma (Webster Schroeder);  Jake Griebel (Webster Thomas);  Michael Lovier (Skaneateles);  Louisa Weldy (Irondequoit);  
Daeman C. (NY):
   Mike Boland (St. Joseph's);  Alicia Coppenbarger (Rochester--Mercy);  Kaitlin Burnett (Cardinal O'Hara);       
Duke U. (NC):   Bill Guo (Guilderland);   
Duquesne U. (PA):
   Andrew Kinard (McQuaid);  
D'Youville C. (NY):   Summer Grandinetti (West Seneca East);  
Elmira C. (NY):
  Kharisma Blake (Moravia);   
Embry-Riddle U. (FL):  Ethan McCabe (Jordan-Elbridge);  Geoff Lippa (Jordan-Elbridge);    
Erie CC.:
   Andrew Miles (Lancaster);  Michael Rosina (Cardinal O'Hara);    
Finger Lakes CC:
  Harvest Savo (Canandiagua);  Dylan Jensen (Pal-Mac);  Johnny Kornbau (Bloomfield);  Jordan Vail (Bloomfield);  Jayden Durfee (Newark);    
U. (FL):  Alex Melisz (Grand Island);      
Full Sail U. (FL):   MJ Smith (Watervliet);      
Fulton-Montgomery CC.
  Daniel Leach (Mayfield);  Andre Storto (Gloversville);  
Genesee CC.:
Jacob Ettinger (Albion);       
George Washington U. (DC):
   Henry McCabe (Saratoga Springs);  
Georgetown U. (DC):
  Jake Simon (Fairport);   
Hamilton C. (NY):
   Jonathan Pictufesa (Medina);         
Harvard U. (MA):
  Alan Tu (Pittsford Sutherland);  Adam Aleksic (Albany HS); 
Samantha 'Sam' Maroshick (Depew);  
Harvey Mudd C. (CA):  Aditya Bhargava (Victor);        
Hobart & William Smith C. (NY):
   Tess Weber (Amherst);  Nathan Williams (Jordan-Elbridge);  Katie Pratt (Union Springs);       
Hofstra U. (NY):   Caitlin Murray (Broadalbin-Perth);   Brianna Donnelly (Spencerport);  Julia Cilano (Rochester--Mercy);  Connor Gordon (Port Byron);   
Houghton C. (NY):
  Justice Newll (Marcus Whitman);  Lydia Sacheli (Marcus Whitman);  Micah Schilke (Fillmore);      
Hudson Valley CC:
Sean Gillan (Rensselaer);   Alex Williams-Mitchell (Averill Park);  Cameron Bedard (Waterford); Jaelin Fhilo (Waterford);  Kaleb Waldron (Lansingburgh);      
Ithaca C. (NY):
    Queline Meadows (Buffalo--City Honors);  Cora Payne (Medina);  Kellan Hartley (Irondequoit);  
Kettering C. (OH):
  Greg Morrill (Holley);      
Keuka C. (NY):
  Sierra Perkins (North Rose-Wolcott);   Hope Van Duyne (Sodus);  Jonny Granger (Honeoye);   
Lafayette C. (PA):
   Kiki Fasce (Livonia);     
LeMoyne C. (NY):
  Walker Goodemote (Mayfield);  Aiden McKenna (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake);  Ben Sullivan (Jordan-Elbridge);  Rachel Brefka (East Syracuse-Minoa);  Cayla Hungerford (Berlin);  Hunter Church (Moravia);  Jenna Isabelle (Bishop Ludden);  Noah Bush (East Syracuse-Minoa);     
Medaille C. (NY):  Kaitlyn Lisiecki (West Seneca East);        
Michigan St.
U.:  Jack Dudek (St. Joseph's);        
Monroe CC.:
  Rachel Miller (Churchville-Chili);  Mary Melia (Spencerport);  Philip Interlicchia (Greece Olympia);  Angelina Bissanti (Brockport);  Olivia Doherty (Brockport);  Trey Nenni (Brockport);  Zac Nicholls (Brockport);  Ben Kohlman (Greece Odyssey);  Garrett Tidwell (Greece Odyssey);  Emily Myers (North Rose-Wolcott);  Laura Galbraith (Lyons);  Jason Bivona (Victor);  Ruth Holbrook (Livonia);  Josh Clement (Northstar);  Emery Martz (Victor);        
Muehlenberg C. (PA):  Allison Knapp (Rensselaer);   
Nazareth C. (NY):
   Emma Baldwin (Medina);  Kennedy Skuse (Churchville-Chili);  Brook Tekle (Greece Olympia);  Paul Gaston (Penn Yan);   Emily Graham (North Rose-Wolcott);  Nicole Coccia (Pal-Mac);      
New York U. [NYU]:
  Alexander Jones (Saratoga Springs);  
Niagara County CC.:   Samantha Conibear (Lew-Port);      
Niagara U. (NY): 
  Anna Parlato (Olmsted);  Kasidy Taylor (Grand Island);  Rebecca Roman (Orchard Park);  Bailey Kehoe (Lyons);  Kody Leno (Medina);  Colin Hogue (Wheatland-Chili);       
Northeastern U. (MA):
  Sarah Lamodi (Schuylerville);  James Gu (Northeastern);  Maggie Dow (Penfield);  Ayman Siddiqui (Penfield);  Carter McEneany (Webster Thomas);  Gabriel Lind (Victor);    
Northwestern U. (IL):
  Danny Mares (Sodus);  Nick Kinney (Pittsford Sutherland);        
Oberlin C. (OH):   Colin Brinson (Nichols School);     
Ohio St. U:
  Ben Nagy (Amherst);      
Onondaga CC.:
  Tyler Hodson (Cato-Meridian);  Noah Leyburn (Cato-Meridian);  Cassandra Mapely (Cato-Meridian);  Lawton Schwarting (Jordan-Elbridge);  Seth McCaffery (East Syracuse-Minoa);     
Pace U. (NY):
Austin Gardner (Schuylerville);    
Penn St. U.: 
  Sierra Rechak (Schuylerville);  Marina Smith (Churchville-Chili);  Michael Thomas (Webster Schroeder);  Marissa Reith (Jordan-Elbridge);      
Purdue U. (IN):
   Julianna Hachenski (Saratoga Springs);   
Queen's College (Canada):
   Ryan Wei (Columbia);    
Reed C. (OR):
  Amelia Schaeffer (Amherst); 
Rensselaer Polytech Inst. [RPI]:   Patrick Kayayan (LaSalle);   Josh Thompson (Columbia);  Dante Marceline (Lansingburgh);   Meagan Martin (Rochester--Mercy);  AJ Batlle (Keshequa);  Jensen Li (Webster Schroeder);  Jacob Harris (Duanesburg);  Serge Desbiens (Amsterdam);     
Reyerson U. (Canada):  Abbi Belliveau (Newark); 
Roberts Wesleyan C. (NY):
   Lonnie Pollocks (Northstar);  Sean Geer (Northstar);  Dylan Geer (Northstar);  Chelsea Rooker (Port Byron);  Kate Nguyen (Northstar);  Shawna Lusk (Holley);       
Rochester Inst. of Tech [RIT]:
  Lindsey Yesse (Johnstown);  Max McNulty (Columbia);  Jai Wargacki (Columbia);  Austin Tu (Columbia);  Mustafa Raza (Watervliet);   Alex Lawrence (Duanesburg);  Jacob Wallace (Kenmore West);  Lizzy Javor (East Aurora);  Jake Lombardo (West Seneca East);  Bridget DeHond (Churchville-Chili);  Joey Territo (Churchville-Chili);  Amanual Mekonen (Rush-Henrietta);  Kameo; Reid (Rochester--School of the Arts);  Jace Conn (Albion);  Justin Biller (Greece Odyssey);  Lynn Nguyen (Greece Odyssey);  Grace Marcus (Rochester--Mercy);  Connor Hunter (Penn Yan);  Devin Alberto (Wayne);  Eddie Casalmir (Lyons);  Kyle Kiteveles (Jordan-Elbridge);  Emily Green (Port Byron);  Rose Truex (Port Byron);  Eli Davis (Moravia);  Matt Hartle (Victor);  Anglea Melchiorre (Kenmore East);           
Roger Williams C. (RI):   Cassie Cerasia (Mayfield); 
Russell Sage C. (NY):   Candace Moon (Lansingburgh);  Aryanna Zeigler (Lansingburgh); 
Sacred Heart U. (CT):
   Charlotte Groom (Lyons); 
St. Bonaventure U. (NY):
   Cole Hollis (Buffalo--City Honors);   Katherine Merkel (Orchard Park);  Tom Reese (Greece Odyssey);  Rory Kelley (Fillmore);  Samantha 'Sam' Gibson (Livonia);  Zena Wronka (Livonia);  Jon Groth (Southern Cayuga);  Josh Brill (St. Joseph's);     
St. John Fisher C.:
  Anthony Nicolosi (Greece Odyssey);  Cierra Moody (Lyons);  Ben Bilinski (Moravia);  Josh Brickler (Irondequoit);        
St. Michael's C.:  Jill Lebowitz (Schuylerville);          
Sarah Lawrence C. (NY):  Siana Parks (Kenmore East);       
Schenectady County CC.:  Bella Marshall (Gloversville);      
Siena C. (NY):
  Brian Bauer (Waterford);  Adam Leoli (Nichols School);  Chloe Jarrett (Mayfield);      
Smith C. (MA):
  Carson Helmicki (Nichols School);          


University Centers are listed first, followed by state colleges then state tech schools
SUNY @ Albany:
   Markus Ward (Lansingburgh);  Logan Devlin (Colonie);  Franki Farano (Berlin);  Jacob Duffy (Bishop Ludden);  Alethea Banerjee (Moravia);  Andrew Reinhart (Kenmore East);   
SUNY @ Binghamton:
   Emily Wheelis (Johnstown);   Myles Clark (Coxsackie-Athena);  Madyson Sawyer (Watervliet);  Zagham Shah (Watervliet);  Alex Pyle (Troy);   Meghan Pannone (Colonie);  Eliza Zehnder (Colonie);  Ethan Connor (Amherst);  Ben Manning (Orchard Park);  Ben Buyer (McQuaid);  Eileen Weckesser (Irondequoit);  Matt Christian (Penfield);  Travon Oliver (Port Byron);  Melanie deLaurentis (Berlin);  Alethea Banerjee (Moravia);  Jimmy Maher (Bethlehem);  Andrew Horihan (Victor);  Hunter Menze (Kendall);
SUNY @ Buffalo [UB]
  Isabelle Henderson (Mayfield);  Ryan Doyle (Columbia);   Steven Maurer (Coxsackie-Athens);  Jared Sierra (Watervliet);   Gustavo Gonzalez (Guilderland);  Allen Gary (Buffalo-City Honors);   Hassan Jafri (Buffalo-City Honors);  Mohammad Hossain (Olmsted);  Madeline Klepfer (Olmsted);  David Wanamaker (Starpoint);  Noah Ortiz (Sweet Home);   Jake Flash (Cardinal O'Hara);   Bre Nelson (Nichols School);   Nicholas Lindaman (Grand Island);  Christian Whetham (Grand Island);  Josh Jankowski (Orchard Park);  Ben Meisner (Orchard Park);  Michael Fredenburg (West Seneca East);  Alex Wright (West Seneca East);  Aidan Healy (Churchville-Chili); Kasey Rabideau (Churchville-Chili); Jessic Jong (Churchville-Chili);  Paolo Blanchi (McQuaid);  Marsella Monnier (Brockport);  John McNeil (Greece Odyssey); Chynna Plantz (North Rose-Wolcott);  Dominic Lombardo (Wayne);  Olivia Granger (Lyons);  Mary Grasso (Lyons);  John Ocque (Lyons);  Shea Prosser (Lyons);  Jared Justian (Moravia);  Bonnie Kahn (Livonia);  Quinn Robinson-Elhassen (Victor);  Emili Leising (Kenmore East);  Capriana Romanini (Cardinal O'Hara);  Emma Correia (Newark);  Joe Malach (Newark);  Noah Arnold (Newark);  Michael Nguyen (Webster Schroeder);  Tim Ryan (Bishop Maginn);  Matt Babel (West Seneca East);  
SUNY @ Stony Brook:
   Brendan Fogg (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake);  Michael Niu (Williamsville East);  Robin Tolle (Greece Odyssey);  Colin Steiner (Newark);
SUNY Polytechnic:   Maddie Shover (Lansingburgh);        
SUNY C. @ Brockport:
  Zachary Verdaasdonk (Pembroke);  Hunter Lincoln (Belfast);  Sam Colarocco (Cato-Meridian);      
SUNY C. @ Buffalo [Buff. St.]:
  Seike Kawahara (Cardinal O'Hara);  Olivia Sferra (Orchard Park);  Asher LoPresti (Gloversville);      
SUNY C. @ Cortland:  Salah Harris (Rensselaer);  Esther Moore (Rochester--Mercy);  Carter Blake (Skaneateles);  Emma Fredenburg (West Seneca East);       
SUNY C. @ Fredonia:
   Kindrah Pauly (Lancaster);  Sara Gorton (Grand Island);  Maxim 'Max' Mezzio (West Seneca West);  Lily North (Spencerport);  Will North (Hilton);  Melanie Higgins (Lyons);  Jared Russell (Moravia);  Joe Vargas (Greece Arcadia);  Andres Picardo (Cardinal O'Hara); 
Emily Carr (Livonia);        
SUNY C. @ Geneseo:
  Billy Noel (Burnt Hiils-Ballston Lake);  Henry Goca (Rensselaer);  Nico Brandjes (Olmsted);  Jack Kersten (Amherst);   Ben Zakes (Medina);  Nathan Klaits (Williamsville East);  Allison North (Spencerport);  Mariana Carlo-Claus (Greece Olympia);  Bridget Moyer (Brockport);  Madeline Augello (Elba);  Mike Cowan (Midlakes);  Dylan Ingalls (Midlakes);  Marissa Presutto (Solvay);  Greta Hermann (Berlin);  Abrianna Kruger (Holley);  Kayla Colvin (Cheektowaga);   Jarrett Marrapese (Honeoye);    
SUNY C. @ New Paltz:
   Ben Hoffmann (Berne-Knox-Westerlo);     
SUNY C. @ Oneonta:
   Alexa Laska (Lancaster);  Winnie Roberts (Port Byron);  Emily Ryan (Port Byron);   Ashley Formosa (Waterford);  
SUNY C. @ Oswego:
   Kira Weston (Rensselaer);   Jack Gembala (Sweet Home);  Collin Knapp (Elba);  Garrett Sinemus (Elba);  Seth Nesbitt (Lyons);  Jordan St. Andre (Sodus);  Riky Pearson (Southern Cayuga);  Maisie Powers (Clyde-Savannah);  Ray Paull (Medina);  Jordan Navarro (Newark);    
SUNY C. @ Potsdam:   Blake Lombardo (Wayne);  Hannah Caccamo (East Syracuse-Minoa);  
SUNY C. @ Purchase:
   Elena Ferrari (Columbia);   Moses Torres (Troy);   Joseph Jackson (Olmsted);
SUNY Tech C. @ Alfred [Alfred St.]:
  Nicole Carr (Berne-Knox-Westerlo);   John Krautwurst (East Rochester);  Corbin Reibsten (Sodus);  Lucas Torres (Sodus);  Wyatt Szulewski (Keshequa);  Noah Bastedo (Clyde-Savannah);        
SUNY Tech C. @ Canton: 
  Emma Bowen (Clyde-Savannah);  
SUNY Tech C. @ Coblskil:
   Harrison VanDeWalle (Sodus);     
SUNY Tech C. @ Delhi:   Brett Jillson (Southern Cayuga);     
SUNY C. of Environmental Science and Forestry [ESF]:
  Emily Daggar (Rochester--Mercy);  Lucian Sacheli (Marcus Whitman);  Natalie Zembsch (Galway); 
Susquehanna U. (PA):   Shane Urban (Victor);   
Syracuse U.:
   Richard Kaufman (Broadalbin-Perth);   Gabe Foltz (Rush-Henrietta);  Nate Black (Victor);  Emma Lutkin (Union Springs);  Natalina 'Lina' Natoli (Solvay);  Morgan Jarrett (Mayfield);  Jimmy Clements (Irondequoit);   
Union C. (NY): 
Augustus D'Amore (Johnstown);   Ronan Coughlin (LaSalle);      
U.S. Air Force Academy:  Dylan Bumpus (Mayfield);   
U.S. Military Academy [West Point/Army]:
   John Arnold (St. Joseph's);    
U. Alabama:  Ben Oswald (Marcus Whitman);      
U. British Columbia:
  Graciela Simpson (Brighton);      
U. California-San Diego:   Ava Naple (Broadalbin-Perth);  Siela Zembsch (Galway);   
U. California-Santa Barbara:   Jack Grossman (Niskayuna);  
U. of Dayton:   Nick Dalessandro (West Seneca East);       
U. Georgia:
   Joe Himmelberg (Fairport);       
U. Illinois:
  Sean Lee (Brighton);       
U. Maryland:   Max Arena (Albany--CBA);  Reilly Keenan (Jordan-Elbridge);       
U. of New Haven (CT):
  Kyle Buckley (Penfield);    
U. of Notre Dame (IN):
  Paul Howard (LaSalle);   Connor Patrick (LaSalle);   Sean Calagna (Albany--CBA);  Mary Kate Walsh (Irondequoit);  Colin McKechney (Fairport);   
U. Pennsylvania:
   Rhys Floyd (Broadalbin-Perth);  Elizabeth Meizenzahl (Rochester--Mercy);    
U. Pittsburgh:   Jack Gurbacki (East Aurora);   
U. Richmond (VA):
   Sean Corbett (Saratoga Springs);   
U. Rochester (NY):
  Adam Boucher (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake);  Salman Syed (Brighton);  Evan Benz (St. Joseph's);  Owen Tolbert (Pittsford Sutherland);   Caiden Larsen (Berne-Knox-Westerlo);   
U. Southern California [USC]:   Abby Vandenberg (Averill Park);   Anthony Sauer (Williamsville East);  Liam Karl (Bethlehem);   
U. Vermont:
  Jack Skorupski (Hoosick Falls);   Callan Izatt (St. Joseph's);    
U. Wisconsin-Madison:
   Mufan Chen (Northstar);  
Vassar C. (NY):  Hannah Thompson (Galway);     
Virginia Mililary Inst. [VMI]:
  Darroch Zingg (East Rochester);     
Virginia Wesleyan U.:   Mike Grant (Cato-Meridian);     
Washington U.-St. Louis:  Jonah Kaufman (Saratoga Springs);   
Wells C. (NY):   Scarlett Lonsky (Southern Cayuga);   
West Virgina U.:
   James Talada (Rochester--School of the Arts);   
Western Michigan U.:   Mark Anauo (Elba);   
Worcester Polytech [WPI] (MA):
  Emily Jorden (Averill Park);  Carter Bach (Colonie);     
Yale U. (CT): 
  Maggy Lambo (Mayfield);  Kristen Thomas (Averill Park);  Ben Christiansen (Irondequoit);