Coach/Teacher Testimonials

MasterMinds can't happen without support from coaches and teachers.
See what some of our coaches say about the program.

My students love MasterMinds.  I rarely get through the first day of school without a returning student asking “When do we start practice?”  The kids like the program because it is fun and they enjoy competing against other schools. The questions are balanced so the different students can shine in different topics.  It encourages teamwork and sportsmanship.  

I like the program because it celebrates academics and encourages students to be proud of their knowledge.  The other reason I like it is over the years I have had many students get involved in MasterMinds that were not in any other club or activity at the school.  It gives them someplace to fit in and find new friends.  It has been great to watch these kids blossom in this environment.  Win or lose they always have fun.

Carrie Earnst,  Grand Island
My ten years of coaching the MasterMinds teams at Williamsville South were highlights of my teaching career. It is an activity that serves students who may not be drawn to many other clubs. MasterMinds fosters a sense of camaraderie, fair play and inclusion. Over the years I have seen many instances of kids with special needs gaining acceptance as a result of the team spirit of the Club. The socialization and teamwork that grow over time are inspirational!
Tom Johnson, Williamsville South