General Academic Challenge Bowl Game Rules
The game is played in two, eight-minute halves, running time.  Four players may play at a time and substitutions occur at the half.

There are three types of questions; toss-ups worth 10 or 15 points, bonuses worth 30 points and a special halftime lightning round with five 10 point questions per team.

On all toss-up questions, a player must ring in and be recognized before beginning an answer.  A complete recognition includes both the name and school.  Players have to wait for the complete recognition before beginning their answer.  If a player does not wait for the complete recognition, the answer is considered incorrect.

A correct answer on a toss-up earns 10 points and the opportunity for the team to answer a bonus question.  If a player rings in  early enough to earn the power mark, 15 points will be awarded.  For an incorrect answer there is no penalty and the question is turned over to the other team.  The question is not repeated but if the reading of a question was interrupted and a team answers incorrectly, it will be completed for the other team.  The second team will need to ring-in and be recognized before answering.

At the end of a toss-up, players have 5-6 seconds to ring in before “Time” is called.  However, once a player has rung in and been recognized, they must begin their answer without more than a natural pause.
NOTE:  extra time will be permitted on any computational math questions.

During toss-ups, players may not confer or signal with each other including any verbal communications, waving arms, scribbling notes, use of sign language, etc.  If conferring is called on a team, that team loses the chance to answer the question.

Bonuses rules are different.  After a player has answered a toss-up question correctly, that player’s team hears a bonus question.  Anyone may answer a bonus question -- players do not have to ring-in and do not have to be recognized.  The first answer directed to the moderator will be accepted.  Players can and should confer on bonus questions. There are no penalties on bonuses and they are never turned over to the other team. If conflicting answers are given simultaneously, the captain will be asked to clarify.  In these situations, the captain must answer.  However, a captain may have someone else answer by saying “designate” and either pointing to a player or naming a players who then must answer.

Teams have roughly 10-12 seconds to confer on each part of a bonus before being prompted to begin an answer.  Moderators may, if no one is conferring, ask if the team has no guess.  If a team has no guess, moderators can call time.  A team captain can also say “Pass” or “No guess” as well.
NOTE:  extra time will be permitted on any computational math questions.

At the end of each half, if the moderator has begun to read a toss-up question, the reading of that question will be completed with all normal game rules in effect (players still have to ring in and be recognized, no conferring is allowed, etc.).  A player does not need to 'beat the clock' with a ring-in.  If a player gives a correct answer, the team will be allowed to answer a full bonus question.

At the half, the team that is trailing will select a set of questions for a special lightning round.  The trailing team will hear five questions from the selected set.  There is no passing or stealing.  After the first team hears their five questions, the other team hears five from the same topic.  Responses in the lightning round are just like bonus questions; first answer directed to the moderator counts, and teams may confer.

Each league will set their own halftime substitution policy.  A league may require full substitution, or may opt for partial subs, where only the top two scorers are replaced.